Arkham Horror LCG

Mythos Busters Ep. 068: Angry Ground Fruit


Today, Sean, Ian, & Nick sit down and answer Patron questions!


  • Special thanks to our board: Chris B., Chris H., Chris U., Syklos, Alexander, Ian, Kyle, Phillip, Dave, Abilio, Nathan, Chad, Robert!

  • Special shout-out to random patron is… Paul!

Arkham Nights

  • FRIDAY - Sign up sheet for How Low Can You Go? -

    • Participation swag for all players involved

    • Extra swag for the team with the highest score AND for one random other team

  • SATURDAY - Sign up sheet for Ironman -

  • Tentac-ALE Time on Saturday Night at 10:30pm at Joe Senser’s

  • SUNDAY - Post-Mortem Podcast recording. Maybe with live audience? Stay tuned!

Featured Articles

  • More Than Meets the Eye -

  • A Thousand Shapes of Horror -

  • The Cats of Ulthar -

Special thanks to Andre Fairweather and Heidi Blair.

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