Arkham Horror LCG

Mythos Busters Ep. 069: Depths of Yarp


Today, Sean, Scott, Ian, & friend of the show Casey (Mr. Trench) sit down and discuss Ironman prep for The Forgotten Age!


  • Special thanks to our board: Chris B., Chris H., Chris U., Syklos, Alexander, Ian, Kyle, Phillip, Dave, Abilio, Nathan, Chad, Robert!

  • Special shout-out to random patron is… Joshua Grosser!

  • The Musical Episode was released as Mythos Bonus 7! Check It Out!

Arkham Nights

  • FRIDAY - Sign up sheet for How Low Can You Go? -

    • Participation swag for all players involved

    • Extra swag for the team with the highest score AND for one random other team

  • SATURDAY - Sign up sheet for Ironman -

  • Tentac-ALE Time on Saturday Night at 10:30pm at Joe Senser’s

  • SUNDAY - Post-Mortem Podcast recording. Maybe with live audience? Stay tuned!

Ironman Preparations

  • The Decks

    • Sean - Control Diana

    • Ian - Slippery Rita

    • Scott - Beastmode Ursula

    • Nick - Sneaky-Clue Finn

  • Weaknesses

    • Drawing of the Weaknesses this year - the pre-event event!

  • General Forgotten Age Considerations

    • Low Vengeance - as low as possible

    • Supplies - Know what everyone is getting. Don’t be afraid to tank trauma.

    • Ichtaca/Alejandro/Your Own Path - Benefits and threats of each.

Other Patron Questions

  • Ian Wallace-Moyer

    • What are your favorite non-cooperative, non-card, board games?

  • Jesse Cunningham

    • If one of the currently released/announced Arkham investigators was your closest friend, who would it be and why? And dare I ask: who would be last investigator you would be friends with and why?

  • Etienne

    • Our 4-player Arkham group is at Heart of the Elders now (yes a year behind current) with a deck from every faction except survivor (Mark, Skids, Agnes, Joe). We are all using my one collection with 2 core sets. Another friend is moving in town and I want to deal him in with a survivor deck. That would mean playing with 5 players, following the setup rules for 4 players, each drawing once from the encounter deck every turn, and improvising to rules issues when necessary. Have you heard of anyone in the community having any success before with 5-players? Any scenarios coming up that might make it problematic? We expect longer playtime and are ok with it. I tracked a few threads on BGG about it but would be curious about your thoughts.

  • Chad Reverman

    • Is the Blood Feud going to continue? It's been awhile since a game show episode and you guys need to win the trophy back!

  • Nathan Early

    • Sorry. I have a few questions. 1) I am always torn to go buy LOTR lcg based on having played it years ago and the fact it is also a quality cooperative game by FFG. Should I take the plunge knowing I am going to try to go buy and find everything or stick to my 25 hours a day Arkham Exposure?

    • What are the top 3 cycles you would love to see after the Dreamlands? There hasn't been too much in the way of neutral investigators. Do you want to see more or are you content to have the wacky investigators be the survivors?

  • Joe Barlow

    • Could Nick tell us a little more (without spoiling the scenario or violating his NDA) about what it was like to go through the development process with Matt and Fantasy Flight on Murders at the Excelsior Hotel? What surprised him most about the process? - More coming on this - Stay Tuned!

Special thanks to Andre Fairweather and Heidi Blair.

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