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Astral Tides Book One: Rimward



Captain Daltir Stone is up to his eyeballs in problems. If it isn’t his ship breaking down, it’s his empty pockets, the Council’s security forces, or other brigands in the wide open space that are getting him down. His quartermaster, Merrill Rynn, and his loyal friend and crew member, Thad Vanorin, try to keep the balance between Captain Stone’s blunders and his money-hungry crew. Together, this motley crew makes their way across the stars, following their captain’s orders as he plots their course and rolls the dice, taking the long shots and the dangerous gambles in an effort to keep credits in their wallets and fuel in their ship.

After a lucky escape from incarceration, Daltir and his crew return to their ship to find a mysterious, backwards-talking contact waiting for them. Presenting a vague — but extremely well-paying — job that will bring the crew out to the outer rim of the galaxy and back in a very short amount of time. But old friends, and old debts, catch up to Daltir on their journey, and a short detour to collect some cash and make amends for past acts turns into a detrimental encounter with a band of pirates, costing them precious time and supplies. The crew, now distraught and running more ragged than before, resolves to set their sights on the final prize. Finish the job and get paid.

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astral rimward front.jpg

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ISBN# 978-1-329-30438-3

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File Size: 3.77 MB

Print Length: 228 Pages

Language: English

Publisher: Nicholas Kory, Kory Stories, 3rd Edition (July 1st, 2015)

Copyright: Nicholas Kory, 2015